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What Did Mohammed Think of Jesus?
  1. What do Muslims think of Jesus?
  2. Rasul Allah – The Messenger of God
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  4. What Islam really teaches about the Virgin Mary

It might seem at first that the Islamic State was just celebrating its brutal campaign to uproot the Christians of Iraq and Syria. It refers to a prophecy that will supposedly be realized in the final era before the apocalypse. This prophecy comes from hadiths, or sayings, attributed to the Prophet Muhammad, a literature that is regarded as less definitive than the Quran, but is still influential in shaping Islamic doctrine.

According to certain hadiths, the apocalypse will come in stages. In the first, the world will be filled with injustice, and Muslims will be oppressed. Many Christians also await the Second Coming of Jesus, so this might sound to them like good news. But Islamic literature seems to suggest that Jesus will return to abolish Christianity and confirm the truth of Islam. Most of those who believe in them would also not have any sympathy for the ferocious, brutal Islamic State. Nor do I see those connections as being particularly associated with Mary and Mohammad.

So I think the article is good basically. Whatever connection they do have, it is indicative of larger set of deeper connections between the two traditions. There are credible biographies and traditions from Muslim sources to know of the life of Mohammad. Where do they find you people?? Try and line that one up in the qwrong. Do you even know what they say about Jesus?? Degrees, titles and position are not entitlement, nor revelation to the Truth.

I am Muslim by faith and we are told to make no distinction amongst the Prophets, of whom I believe Mary was one. Peace, Love and Light to all. My remarks to Helen 12 is that historically muslims out of arabia and conquerering the middle east where considered as a newly christian sect by the conquered roman christian, arabic christian or jewish population and the first encounter of muslims with the true idea of Jihad was in their admiration of the European knights leaving their lands to fight and die for God so far away from their families.

So believe me no religion has the monopole of violence. IIt does appear that the author of this BAS article did her homework, in that the compilers of the Koran relied on the Diatessaron version of the gospels.

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What madness? To compare the Virgin Mother to Muhammed is the worst blasphemy I have ever hears. These are the fruits that are said elsewhere to be agreeable, on the authority of Genesis, but they trouble the spirits of those who make bad use of them, as Noah did in the case of his own vine.

Waite, p. In this case al-Simiri takes a handful of dust from under the footsteps of Moses who makes the symbolic mystical ascent into the heavenly realms. Then takes the dust and throws it into the molten metal which gives the idol the appearance of being alive. These types are like the imitators of the apostle Paul who twist his teachings around to their own destruction 2 Peter Barth examines some flaws in the early translations of the Koran as a result of the transmission from scribe to scribe and the fact that there were, shall we say, obstacles, preventing literary criticism.

It [she] is not contested by any [every] evil thing. As the Israelites had just left Egypt, they might quite well have among them an Egyptianized Hebrew bearing that nickname. That the name Shemer was subsequently not unknown among the Hebrews is clear from the Old Testament. In 1 Kings, xvi.

A very interesting article and an interesting debate!

What do Muslims think of Jesus?

Now I shall determine the meaning, and I shall write to my lord whether it is thus or not. A very close parallel exists in the Mari texts of the seventeenth [? Each of these two names correspond to the place where each group lived.

2. Does God say that one religion will replace another?

Do you follow all the Livitical Laws? The answer is no! Who Really Controls the World? Do you think it is. You see who Really Controls the World? Reason to believe that our world will change for the better. Yes, for at least three reasons:. From oppression and from violence he will rescue them.

Rasul Allah – The Messenger of God

God cannot lie. There is a truism I learned fm a priest friend of mine who put it thus: you become like the God you worship. This world has a plethora of spiritual traditions and practices. Some are henotheistic as some Hindus worship only one god but acknowledge there are many. Some are non-theistic like textbook Buddhism. Just because you are a monotheist does not mean you worship the same deity. This is especially true for Biblical religious traditions and Koranic traditions.

They do not share the same ethical traditions nor the same world outlook. Islam reserves justice and mercy only for other Muslims while the Biblical tradition claims equal rights for all humanity. There are two different deities here. The deity of the Koran does not act the same as the Biblical deity and thus must be deduced as a different deity, named Allah. Over the centuries, Arabic superimposed the name Allah with the general concept of deity god. Without upper and lower case letters, there was no way to differentiate between God and god as in the Latin or Greek character based languages.

Without being able to distinguish betw common nous and proper nouns, Semitic languages can muddle the distinction betw God and god or in the case of Arabic — Allah and allah. Just because you worship only one deity and claim that the world has only one deity, does not make you identical or even similar by any stretch of the imagination. Saying that Allah is the same deity as the Bible does not make it so.

By the time Mohammad reaches Medina, his god is quite different. This can be clearly seen in the marked differences betw the Meccan and Medinan suras. Meccan suras are for the most part peaceful, spiritually oriented while the Medinan suras are marked by radical violence and political conquest of a universal nature employing religious language. Herein lies the difference betw the Biblical and Koranic traditions — two different Spiritual Beings are claiming to be God.

YHVH and Allah are not the same. Wow, do any of you realize that the Father uses the whole world? Do you realize he uses each Nation and all peoples? There might be a Nation he uses once or twice. He may use them constantly. The World is his footstool not what any of your religions dictate. Your vain imagination leads you to believe he is yours and yours alone. Kurt, you said a mouthful. Now I ask you, do you follow all the Livitical Laws?

Prophet Stories for Kids in English - Prophet Isa (AS) Story - Islamic Kids Stories With Subtitles

Repeating words written is easy. Understanding is easy. They believed his promises and built their lives around them. What did those promises include? Genesis , 15; Revelation , 12 Who would that Coming One prove to be? Some 2, years after giving that first prophecy, Jehovah promised the prophet Abraham that the Coming One would be a descendant of his. In B. That prophet would also be a descendant of King David and would himself become a great king. But when would he arrive? They ran from B.

Mary and Jesus in Islam - IslamiCity

Let us see. Our Father is the Father of the World. Of all knowledge, there is nothing that man knows except what the Father has given him. Does any of what we proclaim about God, change God? If a Jew, Christian, and Moslem are all born on the same day, each living a life as perfectly as they can and all three die on the same day and go to their judgment, will it matter to God what religion they practiced on earth? Will their placement in heaven depend upon it?

What Islam really teaches about the Virgin Mary

I think not. Perzan, Thank you for your wonderful questions. Can things be simple and complex at the same time? With God, perhaps yes. God wants the best for us. Therefore, God desires our growth, our evolution. God did not create a simple mere village on earth where people all get along. However, something like this is in our future, and we experience moments and times of this which in the remote past were shorter than they are today.

God wants us to achieve this, to make this a reality. If heaven is like this, it is both simple and complex. Remember that in John 10, Jesus quotes Psalm 82 and tells us that we are meant to become more Divine. See John The Scriptures are at once Simple and Complex revelations that help us in this wonderful process of Growth in Love.

There is an interesting series of 11 episodes about Our Lady Mary peace be upon her. It has English subtitles: www. Peace be upon them. Paul tells us that, "The foolishness of God is wiser than the wisdom of men. Fatima as we all know is now a town in Portugal and also the name of Mohammed's daughter, who married a local official, who in turn named where they lived "Fatima" honoring his new wife. Yes, God is smarter than human foolishness!. Snowden, you make a fascinating point. Why indeed did Mary choose to appear at a town with the name of "Fatima?

Bruce Snowden. Thanks Mr. Murray for commenting on my post. While it's true as Paul says, "Who has known the mind of God? Perhaps Our Lady of Fatima for reason explained briefly in my post may be offering a glimpse. Then too, isn't the moon, especially the crescent moon for Islam associated with both Mary and Mohammed's faithful? Solanus Casey liked to say. An addendum This could have happened anywhere, but it happened this morning at Mass as I was thinking about the Islamic spelling of Mary which is "Maryam.

Interestingly, it is claimed that Albert Einstein once commented, "With God, there are no coincidences! For Mr. She regards with sincere reverence those ways of conduct and of life, those precepts and teachings which, though differing in many aspects from the ones she holds and sets forth, nonetheless often reflect a ray of that Truth which enlightens all men.

Indeed, she proclaims, and ever must proclaim Christ "the way, the truth, and the life" John , in whom men may find the fullness of religious life, in whom God has reconciled all things to Himself. The Church, therefore, exhorts her sons, that through dialogue and collaboration with the followers of other religions, carried out with prudence and love and in witness to the Christian faith and life, they recognize, preserve and promote the good things, spiritual and moral, as well as the socio-cultural values found among these men.

For PJ. Johnston: First off, I apologize in advance if you are not a co-religionist, because my comment is formulated using that paradigm! To begin, credo. Remember that the complete document should be read, not only in selections. It is a highly technical document in my opinion aimed at Catholics doing specialist work and that it goes without saying that it requires prayer and discernment as well as the active engagement of the Magisterium in my opinion should consequential action be undertaken to ensure full compliance with the intent of the document.

It is emphatically NOT a license for syncretism, which is the gist of what I am getting in reading some of your comments, at least, this in my opinion so far, but I could be wrong I am by no means an expert myself though PJ Johnston. Why on earth would you assume that reading the Qur'an for Christian purposes would be syncretism?

Apologies, sometimes I assume too much Pax et Bonum this Christmastime. I recently returned from teaching Art History in an American university in Amman, Jordan for 7 years. Surveying the "canon" of western Art History and its mostly religious art, I learned much from my Muslim students who knew many of the bible stories in the art from the Koran, and I saw their respect and dedication to Mary. My Muslim friend even has a statue of Mary in his home. I realized that Christians and Muslims have more in common than what divides them, and I came to believe that Mary was the bridge. There is also a shrine in the Mosque with the head and perhaps body of John the Baptist, where I prayed with other Muslims.

Living with Muslims who pray often during the day helped me practice the reading of the Daily Office more faithfully.