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Casino Collectables 1. Jukeboxes 2. Household Collectables 1. Autographs 1. Men's Clothing Women's Clothing Women's Shoes 3. Women's Accessories 3. Home Decor Film Memorabilia 9. Another woman opened the door, this one recognized him. There were hanging colored cloth things, and weird lights all over the place. Janet was rummaging through a rack of clothing.

21- Playgirl Calling

She pulled out a shirt made out of some kind of mesh, it was full of little holes. Are you willing to pose shirtless? The women moved aside, talking softly. Toki stood waiting, having no real idea what was going on.

They came back, and Tessa had a question. Leaning against the wall, Toki pulled his boots off, then his pants. The women were staring at him. The other girl his assistant placed a red light on the floor where it shone on the cloth, moving it until he was satisfied. Toki was guided to stand where they wanted him, and more adjustments were made.

Playgirl: A Devil in Bed (Video ) - Full Cast & Crew - IMDb

Then they positioned him how they wanted, moving his hands on his guitar. Finally a large fan was turned on, making his hair blow back.

Toki followed instructions, turning his head or changing position when directed, and mostly managing to do what was asked of him. The assistant was sent in once, when he was having trouble understanding exactly what was wanted, but overall he did well. Posing like this made him feel wanted, special. However, only Charles would admit to actually being worried by their missing guitarist. Seeing the guitar he was carrying, Murderface immediately jumped to the wrong conclusion.

Charles pointed to a seat. I need to be informed when any of you leave the haus so that I can arrange for security. Now if you can tell us where you went? It was amazing how fast they could ruin his good mood. It was supposed to be a secret Now Toki, you are all a very valuable commodity and all appearances must be handled with care.

How did they contact you? Did that mean he was fired? He waited. Not some crappy little magazine, but Playgirl? We really need to hire more staff soon, that phone call should never have been given to you. In the future, hang up and let me know. In the future Skwisgaar was frwoning at him. Damn, Toki!

And you knows what? It was fun! Charles patiently waited until they were mostly paying attention, then began. Embarrassed now, Toki covered his face as the others checked them out. Well, everyone but Murderface, that is. But this was different, this was Well, it was sexy. And it made them all a little uncomfortable.