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For more than four decades she has suffered under Egyptian political and religious authorities , which has led to imprisonment , exile , death threats and court trials. Research on Women and Neuroses, Circling Song [novel] London: Zed Books, reissued reissued 5. Searching [novel] London: Zed Books, reissued reissued 7.

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Death of an Ex-minister [short stories] London: Methuen, 8. She has no Place in Paradise [short stories] London: Methuen, 9. The Well of Life [two novels] London: Methuen, Love in the Kingdom of oil [novel] London: Alsaqui Books, Zeina novel English edition Saqi Books London Nawal El Saadawi is a world renowned writer. She is a novelist, a psychiatrist, and author of more than fifty books fiction and non fiction. She writes in Arabic and lives in Egypt. Her novels and her books on the situation of women have had a deep effect on successive generations of young women and men over the last five decades.

As a result of her literary and scientific writings she has had to face numerous difficulties and even dangers in her life. The magazine Health, which she founded and had edited for more than three years, was closed down in In September President Sadat put her in prison. She was released at the end of November , two months after his assassination. From to her name figured on death lists issued by fanatical religious political organizations.

She was editor-in-chief of the magazine. During the summer of , three of her books were banned at Cairo International Book Fair. She was accused of apostasy in by a fundamentalist lawyer who raised a court case against her to be forcibly divorced from her husband, Dr.

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Share 0 0 0. Reviews 'El Saadawi writes with directness and passion. Recommended Titles.

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In a similar encounter with the re-incarnated Osiris, Seth orders that he be castrated and decapitated. Osiris, in the face of such morbid pain, does not moan or lower his head, thus, ultimately, signalling his defiance, superiority and triumph over evil. Constantly, the playwright dramatically accentuates the tensions and elevates the contests between good and evil by juxtaposing the scenes. In the provocative conflicts that ensue, the dehumanized and impoverished people profoundly question the arrogance, greed and high-handedness of their gods and goddesses, and, eventually, take them to court demanding justice and fair treatment.

Thus, for instance, it is in exile, in the village of Khibit on the shore of Lake al-Manzela, that Isis begins a resistance movement. This is momentous in the revolutionary process and as they transform from powerless victims of their circumstances to agents of revolution. Isis is, thus, the sole initiator and motivator of the process of rebuilding a new ethos together with the people.

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This is significant insofar as the playwright brings Isis out of the fossils of mythology and antiquity; that is, from where the hegemonic male order of the gods had consigned her. In this new imaginary, Isis becomes a relevant emblem in the processes of social transformation in contemporary times. In exile, Isis and Maat, painfully but determinedly, resurrect and reconstruct the memories of Osiris and all the other humane gods and goddesses, and everything they stand for as deities. For instance, in spite of the prevailing despondence, Isis never gives up as typified in this brief conversation with Maat:.

Maat: I do not hear anything.

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It is the sound of the wind. Osiris died, Isis; the god of goodness has died; and Nut, goddess of the sky has died; and Maat, the goddess of justice has died. No one is left but Maat.

I am here not a goddess anymore. Isis: I do not like to hear this desperate weak voice. You are still the goddess of justice. My mother Nut is still the goddess of the sky and Osiris is still the god of generosity and goodness. Isis Whereas Isis inspires the people, Seth is seen, on the contrary, deploying his stooges in destroying all the former icons of the deities to which he is opposed. The old priest starts the session announcing that:.

Justice is that which is right above any power. Any authority in the sky or on earth. Nothing will be our judge in this square except logic, justice reason and allegation and proof. Judgment at the end is yours. The public is the possessor of true authority. Significantly, it is at the point of animated reason and justice for man and divinity that the playwright completely demystifies the invincibility of the gods. While the gods seem to lose their invincibility, the generality of the people appear to rationally apprehend their ability to transcend their vulnerability as they redefine their realities and initiate the processes of evolving for themselves a humane, socio-political ethos that can engender a more equitable coexistence for all.

And, perhaps, there is a need to further explore the distinctive potential of song in this play. Nawal El Saadawi eBooks

All the same, significantly linking the past with the future in the personalities of Isis and her love child—Horus, in this final celebration, the playwright points to the need for purposive reintegration with the past. Whereas, in Isis , the playwright presents her contestations in a theatrical manner, in God Resigns , she compels a more intellectual and visceral engagement with, and corporeal interrogation of, religion, power and authority. Saadawi is quite explicit in her inclusion of all these political leaders in the discussion.

She demonstrates that religion complicates other socio-political discourses. Only Satan, in spite of his usual cunning duplicity, comes with his resignation letter. Finally, by the end of scene one, Master Radwan ushers them all into the opulent presence of the Almighty God. What transpires from that point on in the play are intense, very complicated intellectual debates that are indeed arguments that reveal the atrocities committed in the name of male-centered hegemonic religions all over the world.

For instance, Prophet Abraham argues:. Prophet Abraham: My conscience is stricken and I fear to die before having let out what torments me. You ordered me to abandon my beloved wife and her son, Ishmael, in the desert to die of thirst and hunger and be devoured by hyenas.

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Do you not witness what is happening in your world? Are you not troubled by all the blood being shed in your name, in the name of your Promised Land? God Resigns In the final analysis, and as seen in the previous play in this study, there is a court trial of the Almighty God.

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  7. At any rate, most religious books and scripts have been interpreted through time and space by culturally masculinist perceptions. Constantly assuming the voice of Bint Allah, the playwright, seems to subvert the rigidly held views about religion. One after the other, all the prophets air their views about the wrongdoings of God. It has no respect for women. I tried to defend them, but I failed. By means of such admissions, Saadawi forcefully argues that the roles and position of women were inspired and prescribed according to the values of the patriarchal and class societies prevalent at that time Although a known supporter of Islam, Saadawi rigorously contends that religion, as illustrated in these two plays, can easily become a grand narrative, an exploitative ideology of the rich to oppress the poor.

    Also, as seen in these dramas, the playwright is interested in a critical appraisal of the epistemological foundations of religion in an attempt to renegotiate a humane and humanizing faith. Thus, Saadawi appears to call for a dialectical position that recognizes the specificities of historical and cultural contexts and how these impact religious consciousness.