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Some honey bees construct their nests out of mud, abandoned beetle burrows in wood and burrows in the ground. They simply love to live in hollow spaces. Honey bees are lovers of caffeine and can get hooked to caffeine like people. As a result, plants have adopted a protective measure of changing their natural behaviors so they can get more of the drug. Studies reveal that honey bees love caffeine because it boosts their long-term memory. Just like humans, honey bees have different personalities and maybe even feelings.

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They are thrill-seeking when in an adventure to find food or new locations, agitated when queen less and pessimistic. Some honey bees like the bumble bees are docile whereas others like the Africanized honeybees can be daring. Honey bees brain ages in reverse. This discovery has actually convinced scientists that an onset of dementia can be slowed.

Some honey bees like the melittin, have a toxin in its venom that may prevent HIV. Due to these properties, its sting may also ease pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis, nerve pain, multiple sclerosis, swollen tendons and muscle conditions such as fibromyostis and enthesitis. Metamorphosis in honey bees begin when the queen lays an egg in each cell that has been prepared by the workers. After three days, the eggs will hatch into larvae.

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Nurse bees will then feed the larvae royal jelly, which makes them grow rapidly. The larvae then develop into pupae. In this stage, the eyes, legs and wings take shape. After 12 days the pupae are now adult bees, as they are now ready to start their responsibilities. Worker bees teach younger members how to make honey at an early age. They are first made to fly miles away from the hive, and then taught how to gather nectar and pollen from blooming flowers. Young honey bees then fly with the collected nectar back to the hive. In the hive, worker bees make them chew up the nectar and then deposit them into honeycomb wax cells.

They then fan their wings vigorously over the nectar to dehydrate the liquid inside in the cells. This will transform a slightly thin liquid into very thick honey. Once they have mastered this art, they officially start producing honey like other worker bees. Honey bees belong in the hymenopterans family, therefore have four wings.

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Their wings are arranged in two pairs, connected by a row of hooks called hamulus on the back wing. Although their wings help in flight, the fore wings are much larger than the hind wings. Apart from flight, the fore wings are also used as a cooling mechanism. The hind wings are used for flight and fanning away heat from the hive.

They are considered to be among the most hardworking species on the planet. This is because they always seem to be in motion with endless energy. Honey bee workers spend their entire day outside foraging food for the hive. In a day, they make more than foraging trips. Meanwhile, there are other workers in the hive whose job is to make sure the hive is cool at all times.

They have to work this hard because of their short lifespan. Worker bees are divided into groups of scout bees, nurse bees and guard bees. In each of these groups, each honey bee is hardwired to only certain jobs. Scout bees for example, are wired for adventure because their job involves searching for new sources of food, whereas soldier bees work as security guards.

Bee Cause Project Saves Honeybees, One School Kid At A Time - EcoSalon

They start removing dead bees from the hive due to a generic brain pattern that has compelled them to do so. However, before taking up a new gig, regular honey bees are able to change their brain capacity. This is because they partake in multiple jobs in their lifetime. Have you ever wondered why beekeepers wear white overalls? The answer is a piece of cake. Honey bees dislike dark colors because they came to realize that most of the honey predators, which come in form of animals, have dark colors.

Dark colors make them to be defensive of their sweet honey. Therefore, beekeepers wear white colors to decrease their chances of being and stung by bees. Female bees have a special apparatus on the tibia of their hind legs called corbicula pollen basket. It is a concave region surrounded by coarse hairs. This apparatus is part of their adaptive features, which enable them to hold pollen while flying. Only female bees have this apparatus, because they are the ones to supply the hive with pollen and nectar.

This length also enables her to cement an egg into the bottom of a honey comb cell. How Shocking! Although it has a distinguished name, all the important decisions are made by the worker bees.

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The worker bees feed, groom and clean her. Queen bees are not in total control of egg laying either. Although she decides where to lay her eggs, worker bees play an important role in this as well. She will lay her eggs only after the worker bees have cleaned and polished the cell. Worker bees will also decide if the colony needs drones or not. Honey bees have a long slender straw-like tongue used for tasting, sucking nectar and exchange food between themselves. The proboscis appears smooth and uniform, but actually it is quite complex.

It consists of a tube within a tube. They suck large quantities of liquid like honey and water using the outer larger tube, whereas the smaller inner tube is used for collecting tiny amounts of liquids like nectar. It consists of hairy spoon-like tip that helps it to gather small drops of nectar. Honey bees and their hives are the symbols of several religious traditions, cultures and mythology. Religious observances use pollen and honey as religious imageries. The bee was made a solar insect by the Egyptians.

They believed it was born from the tears of the sun god Ra, which landed on the desert sand. They appeased spirits of the dead by using bees and honey as offerings. John Ambrose and established in the fall of to provide an infrastructure whereby beekeepers can improve their beekeeping skills and knowledge, and to provide valuable information to beekeepers and the public through various outreach services. Project manager and grant writer Gene Riddle was pleasantly surprised when the grant award was announced.

Classes began on April 25th and ended on June 6th with all 16 students passing the certification test and practical exam. Students will keep their bees in bee yards located in Greene, Lenoir and Jones Counties. Mpilonhle Mbatha was at Honey-bee pre-school pinetown. I't cold hear hah.

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Bees with backpacks fly into schools

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