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  1. Become a Baltimore TreeKeeper!

Some of the topics covered include tree biology, soils, tree identification, pruning, tree selection, planting and mulching, and pests and diseases.

Become a Baltimore TreeKeeper!

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Skip to content Close Menu. Founded in , Openlands protects the natural and open spaces of northeastern Illinois and the surrounding region to ensure cleaner air and water, protect natural habitats and wildlife, and help balance and enrich our lives. Chinese Simplified English Polish Spanish. The Trees Forever TreeKeepers program is designed for people who want to become more knowledgeable about urban tree planting and care and who wish to become a stronger voice for trees in their neighborhoods and communities.

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  • Program and Requirements.
  • Love trees? Get certified through TreeKeepers!.
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Participants in TreeKeepers will take part in hands-on and classroom presentations led by experienced Trees Forever staff members and other invited tree experts. All training will incorporate opportunities for practicing skills learned.

After completion of the TreeKeepers program, participants will be equipped with the knowledge of how to maintain our urban trees and plant trees for future generations. TreeKeepers graduates will:.

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Specifically, TreeKeepers will participate in a variety of classroom and hands-on training sessions, learning about:. Each class will also have a volunteer service component.