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  2. Donald Trump shatters his ceiling.
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He needed his job at the moving company and knew it would take 7 hours to walk there. When he got tired in the wee hours of the morning, he sat on the curb to rest. Now get this- a young black man on the street at night in an American city. A police car on patrol stops and officer Knighten asks what is going on. He explains. He and his partner took Walter Carr to breakfast and got him lunch to go, then to a church to rest before he started work at 8 a.

When he continued his walk to work hours later, another officer found him and drove him to the home of the couple who were moving. When state troopers began firing tear gas from armored trucks around p. Demonstrators ran to escape, but some were caught in a second cloud of gas that had been fired over their heads. Others ran forward towards police, placing bricks and broken glass in the road as trucks advanced. Johnson said police received a report of eight men with guns among the protestors.

There were multiple reports of shots fired throughout the night.

111m dollar Monet shatters world records

Johnson said officers took gunfire but sustained no injuries. Johnson said protestors threw Molotov cocktails at police.

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At one point, employees of the McDonald's at Ferguson and West Florissant locked themselves in a storeroom because they feared for their safety amidst the turmoil, Johnson said. A window at McDonald's was shattered and several other businesses were damaged. Some of the earliest gunfire was heard near West Florissant and Canfield, where Michael Brown was killed by a Ferguson police officer last Saturday. An autopsy arranged by an attorney for the family and released Sunday showed that Brown had been shot six times, The New York Times reported.

Brown's death set in motion the chain of events that has kept Ferguson fluctuating all week between days of peaceful protest and nights of turmoil. Police initially responded to the protests last week in riot gear and with armored vehicles. Some reporters were detained and hit with tear gas. The response was criticized as too aggressive and provocative. On Thursday, Nixon put Johnson in charge, and said he wanted to soften the tone. Johnson walked among the crowd and the mood seemed to lift.

They also released a videotape that showed Brown stealing cigars from a convenience store shortly before he was shot. Johnson and Nixon were blindsided by the release of the tape, and protesters and the family called it an attempt to smear Brown. Ann Tatlock. Hitler's Niece. Ron Hansen. A Stricken Field. Martha Gellhorn. The Widow Killer. Pavel Kohout. Andre Pohlman. On Stalin's Team. Sheila Fitzpatrick. Politics, Murder, and Love in Stalin's Kremlin.

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Donald Trump shatters his ceiling.

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